How to lead through Sustainable Performance

How to lead through Sustainable Performance In an edited exact from their new book, Stuart McLachlan and Dean Sanders explain why today’s business leaders must redefine success, and transition to a new era. Sustainable Performance is a way of operating that unlocks value creation opportunities by placing the organisation in the service of an environmentally […]

A book for the businesses of tomorrow

A book for the businesses of tomorrow Launching in Spring 2024, Albin Kaelin’s ground-breaking new book ‘From Rebel to Radical Innovator’ is set to inspire big business in tackling the plastic problem In line with his transformative work as CEO of epeaswitzerland gmbh, Albin Kaelin has announced the release of his new book, From Rebel […]

Helping you build circular

Helping you build circular An interview with Albin Kaelin, CEO of epeaswitzerland gmbh As an accredited general assessor for Cradle to Cradle Certified certification and the C2C Certified Material Health Certificate, epeaswitzerland is at the forefront of driving sustainable innovation across commerce. Specialists since 2009, the company has established its own Network of Trust, with […]

How can visionary design save the world?

World’s Leading Futurists Interviewed For New Journal CREATIVE agency Made Thought has today published To Think Tomorrow – a compendium of 12 revealing interviews with some of the world’s pre-eminent futurists. Legendary ecologist Dr Vandana Shiva and the UN Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean Peter Thomson are among those interviewed for the third instalment of the To […]

EU Parliament Vice President joins call for Plastics Treaty

VICE PRESIDENT OF EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT JOINS CALL FOR AMBITIOUS PLASTICS TREATY EUROPEAN policymakers, scientists, and academics have joined a collective call demanding globalgovernments and corporations to address the plastic waste crisis, according to a new Open Letter. The letter has been signed by 34 politicians, scientists, academics, and NGOs. Ten cross-party Ministers of European Parliament […]

Unlocking the ecological potential of road verges by Dominic Dyer

Unlocking the ecological potential of road verges by Dominic Dyer It’s time to unlock the ecological potential of the UK’s roadside verges by Dominic Dyer, Chair of Nature 2030 As a child I remember my parents, while on a long drive and in a desperate attempt to entertain young children, inventing arguably the most boring […]

Almost half of global population live by mismanaged plastic waste

Almost half of global population live by mismanaged plastic waste MORE than 40 percent of the world’s populations since 8 January 2023 have been living in areas where plastic waste generated has already exceeded the capacity to manage it. This is according to a new research report on Plastic Overshoot Day by EA Environmental Action. […]

Turning compliance into purpose

Turning compliance into purpose An interview with Marc Roodhuyzen de Vries, Cilia Keser, and Felix Keser, Managing Partners at Nexio Projects Based in the Netherlands, Nexio Projects is a team of specialists, engineers and consultants who are passionate about facilitating the transition to a more prosperous and sustainable future. Working with a diverse range of […]

How big business can navigate the plastic problem

How big business can navigate the plastic problem Tom Van Aken, CEO of Avantium, discusses the future of plastics – and how a change in consumer behaviour has led to corporates reducing reliance on fossil fuels Despite advancements in tech and science, vast clean-up operations and a general mood shift in the public perception of […]

Come together for better business

Come together for better business With people’s finances coming under as much pressure as the environment, Marcelo Vieta and George Cheney explore whether worker cooperatives are the answer The pandemic brought to the surface, and in some cases exacerbated, long-standing crises. The so-called “great resignation” revealed the disaffection with working life for more and more […]