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Launching in Spring 2024, Albin Kaelin’s ground-breaking new book ‘From Rebel to Radical Innovator’ is set to inspire big business in tackling the plastic problem

In line with his transformative work as CEO of epeaswitzerland gmbh, Albin Kaelin has announced the release of his new book, From Rebel to Radical Innovator: Leading the Transformation through Circularity. Set to launch in Spring 2024, Kaelin’s ground-breaking book promises to revolutionise the manufacturing industry and ignite a movement towards a safe and circular future.

With a focus on mindset change, From Rebel to Radical Innovator delves into compelling case studies from prominent brands, industry leaders, supply chain experts, retailers, and dynamic start-ups. The book explores successful strategies for closing the production loop and presents practical methodologies and tools essential for embracing circularity – the adoption of future viability practices, reintegration of resources into the supply chain, and take-back systems for the reuse/recycling of materials.

Readers will discover a comprehensive guide that covers design workshops, educational insights, scientific perspectives, certification frameworks, and management approaches. From Rebel to Radical Innovator serves as a thought-provoking ideas hub for industry leaders, designers, students, and stakeholders eager to challenge conventional thinking and embrace innovative solutions. Kaelin’s timely book will be a valuable resource for those seeking a fresh perspective on tackling the problems caused by plastic and other materials. It encourages readers to think outside the box and empowers them to drive positive change within their organisations.

Climate Change Review asked Albin about how he might help those who embrace his book, and the circular methodologies within.

What would your first piece of advice be to an entrepreneur looking to embrace circularity?

We need to get away from linear ways of thinking, and confront how so many of the materials we use across industry are unsustainable and even toxic. As I touched on in the previous pages, Cradle to Grave business practices are at the heart of our global environmental challenges. So, my first piece of advice to an entrepreneur: change your mindset, reassess what defines true value, and your customers will follow.
And this isn’t just idealistic thinking, legislation is also driving change, with the EU’s “New Green Deal” forcing companies to transform into circular businesses, so if you don’t embrace new methods, you will get left behind.

Again, to echo the previous pages, be courageous. Trying to transform linear systems into circular ones is risky and demanding – it is a real challenge. Our production methods and systems need to be transformed. We need a new way of thinking, and this is best achieved through strong and innovative partner networks. Time is running out and a paradigm shift is needed fast. We still hear the phrase today, “time is money”, we must get away from this way of thinking. Our futures depends on how we manage our resources for future generations.

How can a company continue to embrace the lessons of circularity while also seeking scale?

The circular economy will soon become legislation in Europe, and maybe globally, so achieving scale in this way will be non-negotiable. But I believe you can get ahead by embracing Cradle to Cradle (C2C) design principles, that have been around for over 30 years. Cradle to Cradle Certified certification – owned by the not-for-profit Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is the only certification scheme designed for circularity.

Our experience of C2C innovation can make a huge difference to your company: we know how to help you scale up your business in a sustainable way and have demonstrated this for many companies. We have helped them orientate their production systems, we offer guidance and tools how to implement new systems, on how to balance risk, confront challenges and seize opportunities.

We can help you develop “circular accounting”, and new management techniques, with our Cradle to Cradle Toolbox. Ultimately, we can help you develop new products in 12 months using a new concept that we have designed to speed up the process: Supply Chain Domino Knowledge Transformation. And it works, it has been proven on multiple projects to help businesses innovate, and to help them scale.

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