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Innovative Solar Roof Adds Over 700 Miles Of Range A Year To Electrified Genesis G80

Research from Genesis has shown that by harnessing the power of the sun, the Electrified G80’s state-of-the-art solar roof can add up to an additional 1,150 km / 715 miles of range a year

Available as an option, the solar roof panel uses an advanced photovoltaic (PV) material made from silicon, which is used as a conductor to “absorb” sunlight to produce electricity. The innovative use of solar technology allows the Electrified G80’s already impressive WLTP 323 mile range to be extended even further. Based on an average of just under six hours of daylight, this sophisticated addition can add around 0.7 kWh of energy which translates to an extra 3 km / 1.8 miles of range a day, or 1,150 km / 715 miles over the course of a year – saving customers both money and time. Due to the efficiency of the solar roof being subject to external conditions, range will be lower in countries with fewer hours of sunlight and similarly range will be higher for those who park their cars outside and/or drive more during the day.


The solar roof panels on Electrified G80 use high-performance cells with high charging efficiency. The panels have a power of approximately 200W (204 to be exact) and when exposed to the sun in good sunlight will produce 210W of electricity, the equivalent of two 100-watt bulbs or 11 household LED fluorescent lamps (18W each). The solar roof is also able to charge Electrified G80’s low voltage 12V battery, providing additional power for comfort features such as the air conditioning.

The solar roof is just one of many advanced features found on the Genesis line-up, which is defining a new standard in luxury electric cars by combining grace with dynamism and technology with sustainability. Electrified G80 uses recycled materials in the headlining and sun visors that feature fabrics made in part with recycled PET and nylon yarn.  

Innovative Solar Roof

Electrified G80 is available to purchase in Europe with pricing starting from £65,000. Customers can build their Electrified G80 using the online configurator to create their bespoke model with a whole range of optional packages and interior materials. The sunroof pack is available as an optional extra and is priced at £1,360 for the UK.

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